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Jay Jung is a designer of branding, spaces and identity systems

Jay Jung

Jay is never very far away from a sketch pad. To start, the innovative design ideas that come from listening, have to be visualized as rendered possibilities. Those sketches lead to prototyping something into existence. It is a visual collaboration with thought leaders that delivers a complete branded solution.

Tomas Jung

The amount of experience that Tom is able to put into his designs is immeasurable. His years of working in the field with wood, steel and the constructed space help to keep the ideas that we explore, realistic and possible. He has an incredible eye for seeing pattern & texture and a talented hand for delivering it.

Examples of our work

Small Batch Bakery Prototype for Panera Bread

Inside our design studio we built a full-sized working model of an exhibition bakery. The model was first constructed of cardboard - which was easy & cheap to adjust. Cardboard became plywood. More adjustments from executive walk-through collaboration. From the final plywood versions, we designed the first working prototyped fixturing. And finally, we drew architectural design drawings for the construction build-out in New Haven CT. This process allowed us to build a version that had been through many rounds of revisions - something that big companies never get the chance to do. Big savings by launching an idea that had already been tested.

Cadillac Service Garage

We took on the renovation of a cavernous building that was once a 1920s car dealership. A five year project, the space has become an event venue for galas, weddings and corporate meetings. But it has also served as a showroom for our design work. All of the fixturing and most of the furniture & lighting were created on site from our ideas and our equipment.

Graphic Design as part of our discipline

A great space needs the right branding elements. They cannot be separated from the experience. Our work includes the graphic design and fine art elements that evolve with the prototyping process. The packaging, menu systems, logos and signage that are always a part of the scope are part of our capabilities.

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