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The rendering of possibilities.

The development of ideas.

Utimately, the branded space.

About Us

Tom & Jay Jung

We're brothers & partners, focused on the discipline of designing & building custom solutions. Real field experience sets us apart. And we actually do the building.

We have a family of craftsmen that we know well & trust.

We choose the right team for each project. But staying lean means you don't pay for unnecessary overhead you don't need.

We build from experience.

We have worked from within the design departments of national brands and we understand sourcing & budget goals.

Our Process

Understanding the problem + envisioning the possible solutions.

Listening is the first skill that we employ on any project. Partnering in understanding the problem, ensures that we will be more equipped to pull from unexpected places to realize a solution. Knowing the goals and the metrics by which success will be measured is vital because to ensure that the deliverables move the business as they should. Then we draw... a lot. We iterate even more. We imagine the possibilities on paper as much as we can, because that is the most cost-efficient building material for our client partners.


Design is not a service. It is a practice. In other words, you don't want to pay for design... you want a solution. Design is the path to that best solution. Good designers design but so do not-so-good designers. So you can pay for design with anyone. The trick is to get the right solution, effectively for your investment. Our design experience is deep. Over 40 years & many effective interior design and graphic design solutions between the two of us.

Rapid Prototyping

One of the practical outcomes of being brothers and working together for so long, is the ability to forge our ideas on the go. As we start to work on a given potential solution path, we know when to put the pencil down and when to get to the bench to start "playing" with the forms that we believe will succeed. They don't always work as we had envisioned, but we know it quickly - way before time or costs have been invested. We build our ideas out of inexpensive materials - sometimes at a miniature scale. Sometimes it might take several rounds to get the scale or form just right. But when we are ready to build it out in full scale, in its final material, we know that the kinks have all been worked out. Almost always, the thought partners that we have (clients & CEOs) see these early prototypes with us. They share in the collaborative corrections to the prototype. It is this ability to pivot quickly that further sets our services apart.

Case Studies

A Crazy Krispy Kreme Idea

What if we were to put the whole hot donught experience in a truck and rolled around the country to those who aren't anywhere close to a Kripy Kreme doughnut? Yeah, we did that.

A Skunkworks Bakery Concept

For years the founders of Panera Bread were frustrated that they couldn't figure out how to get real baking in front of the customer experience. The solution was realized by building a new concept inside  the walls of a secret warehouse. We rendered, iterated and built the entire upfit in our studios.

A Historical Renovation

A 1921 auto dealership on the National Historic Register was falling in on itself. But 5 years of hard work and innovative vision has restored this unique building into a bustling event center in the heart of downtown Greensboro North Carolina.

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